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Cadieux Cafe

4300 Cadieux Rd.

(between Mack and Warren)

A long time anchor for Detroit's formerly large Belgian community, this neighborhood restaurant and bar is an east side institution. Though the Belgian community has largely dissolved into the great American melting pot of suburbia, they fortunately left this gem behind for the rest of us. Biking, feather bowling* and mussels are the motifs of this establishment. Wash the mussels down with authentic Belgian beer, some of the best beer to be found on the planet.

Sun-Thu: 4 pm - 11 pm
Fri,Sat: 4 pm - mid
late-night menu served until 1:30 am

Bar: till 2:00 am everyday

*A game from rural Belgium in which the participants role something that looks like a wooden discus on steroids down a slightly concave dirt alley with the goal of getting closest to a feather sticking up at the end of the lane.

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