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Marine Nets

Report or update a maritime marine net

15 Meters

1130 UTCSouth Atlantic Net21.325 Mhz
1300 UTCTransatlantic Net, wrsmyth@hotmail.com21.400 Mhz
2200 UTCPacific M/M Service Net21.402 Mhz

20 Meters

0200 UTCPacific Seafarers Net 14.313 Mhz
0400 UTCMaritime Emergency Net14.310 Mhz
0400 UTCDDD Net - Pacific for Canada14.115 Mhz
0500 UTCTony's Net - Kenya14.316 Mhz
0630 UTCM/M Net - South Africa14.316 Mhz
0700 UTCMariana - Guam14.310 Mhz
0800 UTCU.K. M/M Net14.303 Mhz
1000 UTCRobby's Net - Australia14.315 Mhz
1130 UTCM/M Net - South Africa14.316 Mhz
1245 UTCMississauga Net14.121 Mhz
1700 UTCMaritime Mobile Service Net14.300 Mhz
1730 UTCDDD Net - Pacific for Canada14.115 Mhz
1800 UTCMaritime Emergency Net14.303 Mhz
1800 UTCU.K. M/M Net14.303 Mhz
1900 UTCManana M/M Net14.340 Mhz
1900 UTCConfusion Net - Monday through Friday14.305 Mhz
1900 UTCMariana Net - Monday through Saturday14.340 Mhz
2000 UTCItalian Maritime Mobile Net, IK6IJF@hotmail.com14.340 Mhz
2100 UTCTony's Net - New Zealand 14.315 Mhz
2300 UTCRobby's Net - Australia14.315 Mhz
2300 UTCCalifornia to Caribbean - Mondays14.285 Mhz
2310 UTCCalifornia to South Pacific - Mondays14.285 Mhz
2400 UTCS.E.Asia M/M Net14.320 Mhz
As neededHurricane Net14.325 Mhz

40 Meters

0000 UTCCaribbean Net7.158 Mhz
0030 UTCS.E.Asia M/M Net7.085 Mhz
0630 UTCM/M Net - South Africa7.045 Mhz
0700 UTCMediterranean M/M Net7.085 Mhz
1100 UTCCaribbean Maritime Mobile Net7.241 Mhz
1100 UTCCaribbean M/M Net - Saint Croix7.230 Mhz
1130 UTCM/M Net - South Africa7.045 Mhz
1245 UTCWaterways Radio Cruising Club7.268 Mhz
1300 UTCCentral American Breakfast Club Cruisers Net7.083 Mhz
1530 UTCChubasco Net, Mexico West Coast7.294 Mhz
1530 UTCBaja California M/M Net7.238 Mhz
2230 UTCWest Coast Admirals Net7.190 Mhz
"All Day"SE Alaska Mariners Net7.265 Mhz

Marine SSB

Amateur radio license not required to participate in Marine SSB nets.
0830 UTCRussell Radio - New Zealand12.359 Mhz
1215 UTCCaribbean Safety and Security Net8.104 Mhz
1230 UTCCaribbean Weather Net Note: 8:30 a.m. Eastern DST8.104 Mhz
1330 UTCCruiseheimer's Net8.152 Mhz
1330 UTCPanama Connection Net8.107 Mhz
1400 UTCSonrisa Net3.968 Mhz
1400 UTCNorthwest Caribbean Cruisers Net6.209 Mhz
1400 UTCCruisers Southbound Net4.051 Mhz
1400 UTCPapaguayo Net4.030 Mhz
1630 UTCRussell Radio - New Zealand12.359 Mhz
1930 UTCHerb's Weather12.359

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