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Cruising Reference Books

The Capable Cruiser
Lin and Larry Pardey
Voyaging on a Small Income
Annie Hill
All About Cruising
Walt Gleckler
The Cruising Life
Jim Trefethen
The Cruising Woman's Advisor
Diana B. Jessie
Handbook of Offshore Cruising
Jim Howard
Cruising 101
Amy Sullivan
There Be No Dragons
Reese Palley
Sell Up and Sail
Bill and Laurel Cooper
Sensible Cruising
Don Casey and Lew Hackler
The Troller Yacht
George Buehler
World Cruising Handbook
Jimmy Cornell
Sensible Cruising: the Thoreau Approach
Don Casey

Classic Cruising Reference

Self Sufficient Sailor
Lin and Larry Pardey
Cruising Under Sail
Eric Hiscock
Wandering Under Sail
Eric Hiscock
After 50,000 Miles
Hal Roth
The Circumnavigator's Handbook
Steve and Linda Dashew
Ocean Cruising Countdown
Geoff Pack
Cruising in Seraffyn
Lin and Larry Pardey

Pioneers of Sailing and Cruising

Sailing Alone Around the World
Joshua Slocum
Trekka Round the World
John Guzzwell
Cape Horn, The Logical Route
Bernard Moitessier
The Cruise of the Islander
Harry Pidgeon
The Sea is for Sailing
Peter Pye
The Cruise of the Teddy
Erling Tambs
At Any Cost: Love, Life and Death at Sea
Peter Tangveld
Eight Sailing/Mountain-Exploration Books
H. W. Tilman
Adventures Under Sail
H. W. Tilman
A Gypsy Life
Clare Allcard
The Magic of Swathways
Maurice Griffiths

Cruising Stories

Maiden Voyage
Tanya Aebi
Robin Lee Graham
The Hungry Ocean
Linda Greenlaw
The Perfect Storm
Sebastian Junger
Log of the Mahina
John Neal
Mahina Tiare
John Neal
Gypsy Moth Circles the World
Sir Francis Chichester
Sea Change
Peter Nichols
Sailing Promise
Alayne Main
The Hawaiian Voyages of the Ono Jimmy
Steve Dixon
Kawabunga's South Seas Adventure
Charles Dewell
The Thousand Dollar Yacht
Anthony Bailey
Two Girls, Two Catamarans
James Wharram
Rough Passage
R.D. Graham
Honey, Lets Get a Boat
Ron and Eva Stob
Living a Dream
Suzanne Giesemann
Basic Astro Navigation
Conrad Dixon
Storm Tactics
Lin and Larry Pardey
Heavy Weather Sailing
Adlard Coles
Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen
Mary Blewitt
Mariner's Weather Handbook
Steve & Linda Dashew
The Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring
Earl Hinz
Boater's Bowditch
Richard Hubbard
Chapman Piloting
Elbert Maloney
The Ashley Book of Knots
Clifford Ashley
The Coastal Captain's Directions
Doug Hines
Duttons Navigation and Piloting
Benjamin Dutton
The Manual of Sail Trim
Stuart Walker
Advanced First Aid Afloat
Dr. Perry Eastman
Advanced First Aid Afloat
Dr. Perry Eastman
Standard First Aid
American Red Cross
The Onboard Medical Guide
Dr. Paul Gill
Aground: Coping with Emergency Groundings
James Minnoch
Practical Seamanship
Steve Dashew
Surviving the Storm
Steve Dashew

Boats and Maintenance

The Chinese Sailing Rig
Derek Van Loan, Don Haggerty
Boatowner's Mechanical & Electrical Manual
Nigel Calder
Spurr's Boatbook
Dan Spurr
This Old Boat
Don Casey
Boat Joinery and Cabinetmaking Simplified
Fred Bingham
Brightwork; the Art of Finishing Wood
Rebecca Wittman
Troubleshooting Marine Diesels
Peter Compton
Marine Diesel Engines
Nigel Calder
Practical Junk Rig
H.G. Hasler & J.K. McLeod
The Complete Riggers Apprentice
Brion Toss
Hand, Reef and Steer
Tom Cunliff
The Sailmaker's Apprentice
Emiliano Marino
The Complete Canvasworkers Guide
Jim Grant
Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual
Nigel Calder
Living on Twelve Volts with Ample Power
David Smead
Boatowner's Illustrated Handbook of Wiring
Charlie Wing
Your Boat's Electrical System
Conrad Miller
Propellor Handbook
David Gerr
Refrigeration for Pleasure Boats
Nigel Calder
The Fiberglass Boat Repair Manual
Allan Vaitses
Boat Improvements for the Practical Sailor
Stephen Fishman
Inflatable Boats, Care, Repair, Seamanship
Jim Trefethan
Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat
John Vigor
Boatowner's Handbook
John Vigor
Understanding Rigs and Rigging
Richard Henderson
Voyaging Under Power
Robert Beebe

Cooking Aboard

The Bean Book
Rose Elliot
The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew
Lin Pardey
The Two Burner Gourmet
Terry Searfoss
Dining on Deck
Linda Vail
Cruising Cuisine
Kay Pastorius
The Cruising Chef Cookbook
Michael Greenwald
Keeping Food Fresh
Janet Bailey
Six Ingredients or Less
Carlean Johnson

Ocean and Marine Life

Cruising Guides

The Atlantic Crossing Guide
Anne Hammick
World Cruising Routes
Jimmy Cornell


All in the Same Boat
Tom Neale
Scott Bannerot
Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing
Practical Guide to Lifeboat Survival
David Jeffs

My Favorites

Anne Hammick, Ocean Cruising on a Budget :: Ocean Cruising on a Budget, Anne Hammick ::
Many people who dream about voyaging with their own sailboat lose their dream as they wait to get enough funds together to actually buy a boat and the time to live aboard without an income. This book describes how you can buy and refit an older, seaworthy sailboat, and how to budget your funds while underway. Probably the most important lesson from this book is the basic equipment and skills required as a minimum for offshore travel by sailboat. How much money do you need? Figure US$ 10 to 20 thousand for initial boat purchase, the same amount again to bring the boat to seaworthy condition. For your monthly budget, figure out how much you spend now on food and beverages, and add a little if you like to go out. It will probably come out to between $500 and $2000 a month, depending upon your lifestyle.

Anne's book explains the most likely method for a cruiser on a budget to successfully break ties from land: through the purchase of a used, fiberglass monohull sailboat of about 30 feet in length. Her focus is on sailing from the British Isles to the Carribbean, and other parts of the Atlantic. The discussion includes what needs to be done to the typical "classic plastic" sailboat to make it ready for an Atlantic Crossing. After reading this book, you will want to move on to other books which focus on the details of navigation, provisioning, maintenance, etc., but this book will give you an excellent overview and help you build your plan.

Annie Hill, Voyaging on a Small Income :: Voyaging on a Small Income, Annie Hill ::
This book amazes me every time I read it. Annie and Pete Hill have been able to live aboard, regularly voyaging in the Atlantic from Greenland to Venezuela, while working occassionally at low paying jobs. They have been able to put enough money away to live off the interest from their savings bonds. They built their own dory cruiser, which is set up beautifully for passagemaking and claim to enjoy the passage as much as the destination.

How did they do it? By applying a rational decision making process to every expenditure they make (they pinch pennies to the max). This book will tell you why the best foods for passagemaking are fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, flour, pasta, beans and homemade bread. How they heated their floating home while cruising the arctic. Why an efficient galley may be your most important cost saving piece of equipment. What type of ocean-cruising boat you can build and rig for a minimum of money. After reading this book, I guarantee you will question why you are working and living as you are now.

Lin and Larry Pardey, Self Sufficient Sailor :: Self-Sufficient Sailor, Lin and Larry Pardey ::
This book is a classic for those trying to understand what is so appealing about a cruising and voyaging lifestyle. Lin and Larry Pardey introduced many people to the possibilities of crossing oceans on small boats and living a full time cruising life. They are purists in the sense that they have no electrical system, no motor, no two-way radio, no holding tank, no aluminum mast, no modern fiberglass hull. Just a traditional wooden hull, sail and kerosene lamps. The Pardey's show how to live and sail well with a minimum of modern equipment.

Alberg 30 - profile courtesy of George Dunwiddie and the Alberg 30 site.

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