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A step by step guide to making a German Pilsner Beer

How to brew a GREAT beer your first time, using a partial mash method.
This guide is intended to help you through your first brew and to ensure that your first brew is a quality product which your friends and family will appreciate. It is an introduction to a way of creating low cost micro-brew quality beer in your own home, using an inexpensive 5 gallon beer kegging system. This recipe is intended to taste like a premium German beer, a style that most people (even die-hard light beer fans) will enjoy. This is a relatively simple beer recipe and process that will give the maximum quality with the minimum effort.

The goal is to provide you a beer recipe and procedure that will be successful. I suggest that you do not stray far from the recipe for your first few beer brewing sessions. After you have tasted the conditioned beer, you could then adjust the recipe to fit your taste. Just follow the steps outlined, and you will have good results in making your own beer. After you learn the basics of home brewing beer, you can try some of the many other beer kits and recipes that are available.

I took a lot of pictures during a beer brewing session, and tried to capture each step with a picture. The series of photos shows my basic, inexpensive equipment and shows how making beer is a series of simple tasks. Hopefully this will help the first time brewer who has to figure things out on their own. Maybe it will inspire someone to say, "this is easy, I could brew beer too!"

Overview of the Brewing Process

  • Steep and boil malt and hops
  • Ferment for one week
  • Transfer to secondary fermenter for two weeks
  • Transfer to clarifying keg for one week
  • Transfer to serving keg
  • Pressurize beer keg to carbonate for 7 days
  • Serve!
The Illustrated Beer Brewing Primer takes you through the following steps:
  • Beer Recipe Ingredients
  • Beer Making Equipment List
  • Partial Mash Beer Brewing Procedure
  • Fermenting Wort
  • Kegging and Conditioning
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Illustrated Beer Brewing Primer

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