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Illustrated Brewing Primer

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Kegging and Conditioning

When you buy a corny keg, it is a good idea to take it apart and soak it in a cleanser like PBW overnight. I just fill with hot water and PBW and throw the parts and pieces into the keg and let it stand overnight. Rinse well, then lube the rubber parts and reassemble.

Cornelius keg rebuild

Always pull the pressure release valve in the cap before opening the cap! The cap comes off by lifting the handle, then turning the top inside the opening 90 degrees.

Put a small amount of keg lube on the big O-ring. It doesn't take much.

To remove the posts, get a long socket and a socket wrench. Many kegs have 7/8" posts, although some are smaller. Some posts are star shaped and require a 12 point socket, like the one shown.

This is looking into the corny opening at the gas in post. It is very short.

Turn the post counterclockwise with the socket wrench.

The post has a poppet valve inside of it, which may fall out if you are not careful.

The threaded post base looks like this:

You can remove the gas in dip tube by reaching in the keg and pushing it up gently.

The beer out post is removed in the same way as the gas in post. The beer out post also has a poppet valve in it. The beer dip tube looks like this:

It is a little hard to get out because it is bent, so don't force it. If it doesn't want to come out, try rotating it until it will slide out.

Put a small amount of keg lube on the poppet valve O-rings and dip tube O-rings.

Reassemble, making sure that you don't mix up the gas in post and beer out post. They are different diameters, and the gas in quick disconnect will only fit on the gas in post, likewise the beer out post and quick disconnect.


Illustrated Beer Brewing Primer

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